Teaching Children Effectively Courses Level 1 & 2

Teaching Children Effectively (TCE™) Level 1 is designed to offer a fresh approach to evangelizing and teaching children. Based on spiritual and educational principles, the course provides the methods and procedures to lead children to Christ and immediately equips the believer to begin and sustain a ministry where he lives. Student practicums are a vital part of the instructional procedure which makes TCE a refreshing way to train Christians in child evangelism.

We run TCE 1 and 2 training course on a need basis. If you have a group of 4 or more people interested in attending a course please contact you local CEF division.

Super Seminars

Super seminars are dynamic and interactive sessions suitable for all involved in children’s ministry. We offer a variety of topics that can be tailored to meet the needs of your church and workers. Each session is approximately 40 minutes long. One seminar or multiple seminars can be arranged for small and large groups.

Seminar topics

To organise a seminar in your church please contact your local CEF division.