Mailboxclub Australia is a ministry of Child Evangalism Fellowship.

We send exciting, colourful bible lessons in the mail to children and teenager in Australia and surrounding territories. It is entirely free and even reply paid.


How does it work?

  • You will receive lessons graded to your age in the mail
  • Answer the questions at the end of the lesson & send the question page back
  • Your personal marker will mark it for you and send the marked sheet and the next lesson to you

What else?

  • your own membership card
  • personalized certificates
  • birthday cards
  • Prizes
  • You will have your own personal marker to ask questions, ask for prayer support, write letters etc.

Interested? You can sign up here


#1 For which age group are the Mailboxclub lessons?

From age 3 (with help of parents) up to age 20+.

#2 Who can enrol?

Anyone, even entire Sunday schools, youth groups, scripture classes, Good News Clubs, Beach mission.

#3 Is it entirely free?

Yes. The lessons are free and we even supply reply paid envelopes for you to send your lesson back.

#4 When will I get the next lesson?

As soon as you post your lesson back we will mark it and straight away send it back to you. However it may take up to 2 weeks for you to receive mail from us as the delivery time with Australia Post takes 3-5 business each time.

#5 What is the aim of Mailboxclub?

We would like you to hear the “Good News” of the Gospel, which Jesus preached and you to learn more about our creator, God.

#6 What is the teaching of Mailboxclub based on?

We base the teaching on the Holy Bible the Word of God. Find the statement of faith here (link to statement of faith of CEF – hope this is somewhere on your website already)

#7 What can Mailboxclub be used for?

It is great to use Mailboxclub as a follow up for children from your Sunday school, Good News club, Youth groups, Beach missions, Holiday club, Homeschooling etc.