CEF was established in the USA in 1937 by the Rev J Irvin Overholtzer, a pastor
deeply burdened by God for children in need of a Saviour. Since then it has grown
into a world-wide ministry and now operates in over 180 countries. Last year,
through the ministries of CEF, over 19.8 million children worldwide heard the good
news with over one million making professions of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Australian work was commenced in Sydney in 1949 and currently operates in
Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, and New South Wales Our Resource Centre
and National Office are located in Sydney.
As a faith ministry, CEF Staff Workers depend on God to supply their needs through
churches and individuals.



Our principal outreach ministry to children is the Good News Clubs*,
which are neighbourhood, Bible-centred Clubs for children aged 5-12 years.
These Clubs are taught by CEF Staff Workers or volunteers who attend
local CEF Training Classes for instruction, encouragement and inspiration.
Other activities include 5-day Clubs, Party Clubs, and camps.
We currently have fulltime staff and a great team of volunteers who
assist in this ministry.


Why Children’s Ministry?

Surveys indicate that over 80% of ministers, pastors and key-workers in the
evangelical churches accepted Christ as Saviour aged 12 years or younger.
Children who make a decision for Christ early in life, invariably contribute
in a positive way to society.  This is why children’s ministry is so important.
It is, in fact, the greatest harvest field in Australia today.